About Barbora

I dream and I work hard. I make things happen and I let great leaders to show me a way. Sometimes, I get scared, but I never give up. A traveller, a global citizen, a social media enthusiast, a foreign aid proponent, an international development believer.

List of donors updated!


A list of our donors is finally here. Thank you, everyone!


We did it! Thank you!

Dream Big Pittsburgh got not only fully funded through Kickstarter thanks to people like you, we received 127% of the original goal! People like YOU make a true difference in our world. Be PROUD. We did it! And we’ll not have to worry about what kind of paste we can afford and if we have enough. THANK YOU! We wouldn’t have been able to do this without you!

And remember, you are always and forever a part of this project that has and will put many smiles on many faces. Way to go.