Our BIG THANKS go to (in no particular order):

  • Susan
  • Kevin Irish
  • Ashley Lynch
  • Panickos Neophytou
  • Matt Ruben
  • Lenča Lutonská
  • Tom Štefek
  • Hana Frkalová
  • Susan G Sterrett
  • Rob Gradoville
  • Jim Price
  • Anne Marie Toccket
  • Jasmine
  • Petr Ocelík
  • Jaclyn Zarack
  • Caitlin Delich
  • Tom Owens
  • Petra Janoušková
  • Tom Crawford
  • John Van Vranken
  • Radka Šimšová

And all of you who supported us and whose names are not listed here. You know who you are and we hope you feel good about this project!

A big thank you goes also to Diane Cohen who have been tremendously helpful in search for the perfect site.


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